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Best and Worst Exhibits at IBS

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Best and Worst Exhibits at IBS

The most frequent problem I saw with exhibits at the builders show was a failure to connect the dots for the builder.  The builder is a very busy person.  He doesn’t have time to visit every exhibit.  So many exhibits just show their logo and maybe the type of product they are selling.

The most successful exhibits also tell the builder the benefits to him.  They tell the builder why they will be more successful or what problem they are solving to make it easy for the builder to decide if he should take the time to visit the booth.

What Product Does This Company Make And Why Should A Builder Talk to Them?


Huh? What is the Art of Form? What are they selling?

Allowing Your Product to Look Bad

Typar had a nice exhibit in the exhibit hall, but when you went outside to the show village, their installation looked terrible and clearly showed the problems with housewraps.


Some Examples of Good Messaging That Connects The Dots For Builders



Every year I am surprised by how many companies don’t take the time to tell the builder why he should be interested in their product.  BASF and Georgia Pacific did a nice job here.  Small and simple as it was, this Georgia Pacific booth had the best messaging I saw at the show.  Making drywall interesting!

Really? Is This a Sexual Harassment Suit Waiting to Happen?


Demos Are Always a Good Idea.  Builders Want to Learn.

IBS 2016 - 52 of 69


While Typar looked bad outside in the show village, they had some great demos in their booth.

Why Do Chinese Companies Come to The Show?

I never see them actually meet with a customer.  I’ve always wondered if it is just a government funded vacation in Las Vegas?

IBS 2016 - 13 of 69

And You Gotta Love This Guy

IBS 2016 - 32 of 69

Stop wasting money on trade shows unless you’re going to do them right!

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