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The Biggest Challenge Facing Building Materials Companies

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Building Materials Companies

When you read the title of this post, something specific came to your mind. Maybe it was labor shortages. Possibly the supply chain. It could’ve been pricing.

Those might be the problems at the top of your mind, but they’re not the biggest ones you’re facing. The real challenge for building materials companies right now is bigger than that. It’s uncertainty.

Every company deals with a certain amount of uncertainty. It’s part of doing business. You can never predict when and how your customers will change or the market will shift. But the uncertainty we’re dealing with today is at a higher level.

If it feels like uncertainty is coming at you from all directions, that’s because it is. Companies that deal in building materials are used to dealing with single sources of uncertainty. It could be anything from unemployment rates and inflation to completely unexpected events like 9-11 or a pandemic.

None of those are easy to deal with, but we at least had the benefit of tackling them one at a time. That’s a luxury we longer have. We’re currently facing a combination of issues, which makes us even less certain about how to proceed.

That’s why the Whizard Summit feels more urgent than ever. At every Summit, I assemble some of the brightest minds in the building materials industry to help companies overcome their challenges and find the best path to success.

Now that uncertainty is reaching critical levels, this combination of expertise and innovative thinking is especially beneficial.

Find Out How to Overcome Uncertainty at the Whizard Summit

Your competitors are also facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty. Many of them will react the same way – by cutting costs and pulling back on customer service. That’s a misstep on their part, but it’s also an opportunity for you.

At the Whizard Summit, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of that opportunity. We’ll guide you on how to profitably grow your market share by becoming the preferred supplier for your product type – not by cutting corners and frustrating your customers.

We’ll also show you how to reach the customers who will most benefit from your products. If you sell to new homebuilders, we’ll break down why you should call on their contractors instead. If you sell commercial projects, we’ll help you shift your focus to owners and general contractors. It’s easier than you think and unbelievably effective.

One thing I’ve learned from helping countless building materials companies grow their sales is that a lot of marketing programs are a waste of money. They have a high cost with a low return on that investment. Most building materials marketing is stuck in the past – and these programs keep them there.

That’s one of the driving forces behind the Whizard Summit. I wanted to put together a program that actually gets results. One that points you to the free and low-cost marketing tools that can make your company more successful, instead of trying to sell you on expensive alternatives. We’ll show you how smaller companies can outperform larger companies, even with a fraction of their budget.

The opportunities are out there. Different types of customers, offsite construction, direct sales – you name it. Most of your competitors are missing these. We’ll show you how to find them and pursue them successfully.

Most of all, we’ll help you develop into the leader you need to be. Your customers are facing uncertainty as well. They want to do business with companies that are moving in the right direction – and doing it with confidence. With the right guidance, that’s exactly what you can become.

Join Us at the Whizard Summit and Together We Can Tame Uncertainty


What is the biggest challenge to your sales growth?

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