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Should Hanley Wood Have a Recount?

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Should Hanley Wood Have a Recount?

As our politicians demand recounts and make claims of cheating, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised when questionable outcomes enter the building materials industry.

There is not enough recognition of building materials marketers, so it’s great to see that Hanley Wood sponsors the Brand Builder Awards. It’s easy to look at the winners and have our personal opinions about whether or not they should have won.  Of course, it’s natural to feel that your work was better.

It’s even easier to question the results when there is questionable judging. What would you feel if Hillary or Trump were in charge of the voting? Even if they did their best to be fair, you would naturally have your doubts about the results.

That’s what’s surprising and disappointing about this year’s Building Materials Brand Builder Awards. Whether or not they wanted to fix the results, it sure looks like that’s what they did.

I saw this announcement about the winners of this year’s Brand Builder’s Award and wanted to see who won as I always admire great work.

As I looked through the winners, I noticed that the agency, Hitchcock Fleming won a lot of awards. I know they are a good building materials agency so I didn’t think too much about it until I read the names of the judges.

My reaction was, “No wonder they won so many awards, they were one of the judges!”

How could Hanley Wood have let this happen? Do they have so little regard for the clients and agencies that they thought it wasn’t important And how could Hitchcock Fleming be part of this? This is why clients don’t take their agencies seriously.

How proud can PPG and LP be of these awards? What is their real opinion of Hanley Wood and Hitchcock Fleming?

Look at this list and form your own opinion. I’m sure that Hanley Wood and Hitchcock Fleming would tell me that, for some reason, I am wrong. It doesn’t matter, it just looks bad.


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