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All Building Product Sales Are Local

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All Building Product Sales Are Local

Most building product companies see their opportunity as one large homogeneous geographic market, especially when viewing the U.S.  If they sell to Home Depot or Lowe’s they look at the overall volume.  The same can be said with products used in residential or commercial new construction or remodeling.

The more ‘local’ they view building product sales, the more sales they will have.

Sometimes building material manufacturers are forced to approach their sales and marketing geographically, such as North and South or East and West.  These are usually caused by local building practices and climate.

This article from a Home Depot employee in Florida focuses on being prepared for storms.  It features common sense advice, as well as product recommendations that are available at The Home Depot.   My guess is that the entire idea was developed and executed by The Home Depot.  Manufacturers should be taking ideas for localization to their customers where there is higher interest among home and building owners. Too often this is left up to the local rep to recognize and act on the opportunities.  I frequently ride along with local reps when I’m working for clients.  Almost all of them complain about how those geniuses in marketing have no idea what’s going on in their territory.

They are often given marketing materials that are either mediocre or useless in their territories.  They have to develop their own sales and marketing materials to be effective.  They say to me, “If only I had some marketing support focused on this opportunity, I could sell a lot more.”

When building product manufacturers have a national account manager for big boxes or large builders, the local opportunity is usually lost in trying to keep the buyer happy.

If manufacturers would focus more of their marketing efforts on local opportunities, they would see their sales grow faster than when they use an ‘all things to all people’ national effort.

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