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Building Materials and NASCAR

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Building Materials and NASCAR

Procore sponsors a car in NASCAR while Lowe’s is ending their NASCAR sponsorship.

Another sign of the big changes in building materials that are happening today.   A big box with the dollars to afford a NASCAR sponsorship leaves NASCAR.  A construction project management software begins a NASCAR sponsorship.  I would never have thought that a construction software company is big or profitable enough to afford NASCAR.

It’s also a very very creative approach to marketing a construction software.  When you consider that Procore’s customer is a contractor, it makes a lot of sense.  I also like their very creative and well-executed marketing program to get the greatest return on their NASCAR investment.  Check it out here

They are asking you to join the team, so they are getting your contact info.  The page has one purpose, to announce that Procore is in NASCAR and you can join the team.  Most companies would simply add this to their website use it as bait to send you to page where the product sell overshadows the NASCAR message.

This doesn’t mean anything negative about the future of Lowes.  If anything it shows how sophisticated their marketing people are as they shift dollars away from a legacy program to new areas that will better meet their needs today.

If your building materials company had been a NASCAR sponsor since 2001 and everybody loved it, would you even think about walking away?  Too many building materials companies continue to spend money in areas that are no longer effective such as trade shows and printing anything.  Everybody loves our booths and what would people say if we weren’t at the show, are not reasons not to change your marketing.

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