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Whizard Summit Live Stream Recordings

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Whizard Summit Live Stream Recordings

If you weren’t one of the 369 people who attended the Live Stream of the Whizard Summit last week, you can still learn new and more effective ways to grow your business by purchasing the two-day video series.

$795 Gives Access to Your Entire Company

Share With Your Whole Team

Anyone from your company can view the videos. These highly-informative and highly-educational sessions are great for leadership, sales and marketing people. They are an insight-filled treasure for anyone who interacts with customers.

Watch A Little . . . Learn A Lot

You can watch the entire event or just portions. All video and sessions are time-coded — making it easy for you to locate content and share specific sessions with your colleagues and teams.

What The Live Stream Attendees Said

“Mark, I want to thank you for a fantastic meeting. It was eye-opening and ‘strategy-changing’.

I’m already incorporating elements into my business”

“I thought I knew SEO but I was wrong. Thank you and can’t wait for the next one”

“It was so good! My team and I can’t thank you enough. We’ve already had two post-Summit planning sessions and everyone is excited to implement several of the course’s directives”

“You’ve done it again – you are the true Wizard”

“ . . . and was amazed that all of us shared many of the same problems and asked the same questions during the sessions . . . great to be able to ask questions of the speakers”

“Mark, I want to congratulate you and all the professionals who presented on the webcast. Over the past two years I’ve spent so much money and wasted so much time on conferences that promised much but delivered little. I wish I would have started with you”

“This is my second Wizard Summit and it is even better than the first. If you ever have a company wondering if they should participate in the Summit just have them call me”

“Thank you Mark. I finally understand how my business works – your distribution charts turned on the light switch. I’m getting copies of your book for all my sales and marketing employees”

“ I think you all know more about my business than I do. Thank you so very much”

“Thank you and all the presenters for their insight and assistance”

“Fantastic Content. Awesome Meeting”

The Entire Whizard Summit — Twelve Information-Packed Hours

Introduction – Mark Mitchell – Whizard Strategy

  • How to Get The Most Benefit From The Summit

How Residential Building Materials Are Sold – Mark Mitchell – Whizard Strategy

  • New Construction and Remodel/Repair
  • How to Reach and Sell Homebuilders, Distributors, Dealers, Contractors and Big Boxes

How Commercial Building Materials Are Sold – Mark Mitchell – Whizard Strategy

  • New Construction and Remodel/Repair
  • How to Reach and Sell Architects, Contractors, Owners, Facility Managers and Distributors

Why You Need To Be The Online Leader And How To Do It For Less – Zach Williams – Venveo

  • Who is online and how to sell them
  • Three simple website improvements
  • Most effective ways to use email

How Your View of Your Customers is Hurting Your Sales – Susan Milne – Epiphany

  • A more effective way to view customers
  • How to talk so that they will listen

What The Growth of Offsite Construction Means For You – Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey – Entekra

  • How and why offsite is growing
  • How to sell the new offsite customers
  • Offsite lessons that can grow your onsite business

What’s Wrong With Your CRM and How to Fix It – Aaron Ayer – The Hunley Group

  • The biggest CRM mistakes that companies make
  • Make your CRM work for you
  • Get your sales team to love CRM

How You Are Losing Sales to BIM – Benjaminn Glunz – BIMSmith

  • Why BIM is so important
  • What most companies get wrong about BIM
  • How BIM can get you more specs and keep them

Selling the High End Building Customer – Chris Ray – The Ramey Agency

  • Who is the High End customer
  • What they want in a premium product
  • How to reach and sell them

Building Materials Sales Online – Greg Weyman – Market Thrive

  • Who is selling your products online
  • The risks and rewards of online
  • How to benefit from the growth of online sales

How Your Website is Costing You Sales – Zach Williams – Venveo

  • What building materials customers want from your website
  • The three biggest website mistakes and how to fix them
  • Turn website visitors into customers

The Social Media for Building Materials – LinkedIn – Deanna Murphy – Venveo

  • How architects, builders, contractors, dealers, & distributors are using LinkedIn
  • Improve the productivity of your sales team
  • Build stronger customer relationships

Stop Wasting Money on Ads and SEO – Matt Lee – Lead Generation Experts

  • How content outperforms ads and lowers costs
  • Important subjects most companies ignore
  • Using content to grow your business

New Role of Public Relations in Building Materials – John Wagner – Wagner PR

  • Managing a Crisis
  • New Opportunities to Use Your Content
  • How to Get More Press Coverage

Recap – Mark Mitchell – Whizard Strategy

  • Your Top Three Immediate Actions
  • Your Top Three Longer Term Actions
  • How to Get Support For Your Plans

The videos are time coded so you can fast forward to the presentation you want to view.

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