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Leapfrog Your Building Materials Competition in 2020

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Leapfrog Your Building Materials Competition in 2020
“Isn’t it time you did something different? It is 2020 after all and construction technology and methodology have moved on a lot in the last 20 years.” Gerard “Gerry” McCaughey, CEO and Chairman, Entekra , NAHB Manufacturer of the Year.

Stop Wasting Money on Sales and Marketing Approaches That Are No Longer Effective

Working harder or spending more won’t grow your business as fast as working smarter with more effective approaches.

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The Three Biggest Reasons Why Building Materials Companies Sales and Marketing Fails

1. Wrong Customer
2. Wrong Message
3. Wrong Method

Here’s What You Will Learn to Help You Fail Less and Win More

1. The Seller’s Journey
Traditional marketing tells you to focus on the buyer’s journey. In building materials, it’s essential to first understand your journey – the seller’s journey. Who is involved in the sale of your product? In what order should you approach them? Who are the real decision-makers? Who are the influencers who can block your sale? Learn to pursue the right people.

2. Improve Your Customer Knowledge
A fresh look at who is the architect, homebuilder, contractor, dealer, distributor and others. What are their motivations? How are they changing? What do they want to hear from you? Learn how to show customers what’s in it for them for more success.

3. Sales and Marketing Best Practices
How to support your sales team for more success. Changes to your marketing programs that will improve your results and make them measurable. Most sales and marketing is based more on what has worked in the past than what works today. Learn what changes you should make, no matter how big or small your budget.

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