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Building Materials Thought Leaders

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Building Materials Thought Leaders

If you sell building materials here are some people I think are worth following online. These are people with something to say.  They have a point of view that gives you a new perspective.  They also add new content on a regular basis.

There are many newsletters that can fill up your inbox with curated content that is copied from elsewhere such as the latest housing start numbers.  There are also a lot of agencies that waste your time with things like:

We’re Cool – We have a dog in the office or beer on Friday.

We’re Growing – We hired a new person or got a new account.

We’re Creative – We won some awards.

We Care – Look at us on a Habitat build or some charity donation.

We Travel – What we saw at the builder’s show

They put out this meaningless content for themselves and then tell you they are experts in content marketing.  Or else they don’t even have a blog. Makes me wonder how effective they will be for you.

This is a list of online blogs and newsletters from building materials thought leaders you should check out.

Thought Leaders You Should Check Out


Gain a better understanding of architects

Building Marketing Intelligence 

Residential housing information and insights


Blog, Podcast and Newsletter on Green Building Materials

Channel Instincts

Channel marketing

Construction Dive

Great curated content.  I’m usually not a fan of curated content sites, but this one is great.  I read it every day.  You should sign up for this newsletter.

The Construction Marketers Blog 

Marketing automation in building materials

Draper DNA

Building materials marketing

Felt Marketing

Building materials marketing

Genie Belt

A UK based blog about construction management software trends, insights & updates.  (It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds)

Jeff Wedge

Jeff Wedge is the VP of Sales for Henry and writes a great blog about building materials sales.

Greence – The Spec Shaman

How to gain and defend architectural specifications

Kleber & Associates

Building materials marketing

Navigate The Channel 

Building product marketing with a focus on lumber yards

Neil Sutton 

An architect who knows how to write and to talk to architects

Point to Point

Building materials marketing

Red Angle

How to sell homebuilders

Sales Effectiveness

Sales training and leadership development

Tess Wittler

Copy and content for building materials

Tradesmen Insights

How to sell contractors

Upward Home – Marketing for High-end Home Brands

How to sell premium residential building products


Digital marketing in building materials

Wray Ward

Full-service agency with good insights into building materials marketing

Whizard Strategy 

This should be at the top of your list since it’s my newsletter and blog:)  Sign up today!

Let me know if there are other thought leaders you feel should be added to this list.

If you like podcasts.  Here is a list of the Top 40 podcasts in the construction industry.

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