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New Building Materials Sales Book – Available Soon

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New Building Materials Sales Book – Available Soon

Carlos Quintero and I just coauthored a new book on sales in the building industry.  Carlos is a building materials sales expert from the firm, Sales Effectiveness.

Our new book, How to Become a Building Industry Sales Rainmaker! will set you apart from most other building materials sales people.  The end result is you will become a trusted business advisor that your customers want to partner with.

If you’re tired of just competing on price and settling for smaller customers, this is the book for you.

Read What Some of Your Peers Said After Reading the Manuscript

“I love this book.  Its message is ‘spot-on’ and appropriate for every building industry sales pro.  The magic in this book is in the simplicity of the story, yet it packs a powerful punch if the average salesperson embraces these practices.  Rainmaker dissects the selling process into bite-size bits and tells the story in a comfortable way without being preachy. Time is our most valuable resource. The ABCD grid alone will allow us to coach our sales team on how to be more productive.”

Bruce Wingate – Vice President – Marketing & Sustainability – Dryvit Systems, Inc.

“This is a powerful book. It is not for the salesperson going after volume sales or offering the cheapest solution.  It is for the salesperson who truly wants to make a difference.  I am going to implement some of these practices immediately.  For instance, I’m going to send out an agenda prior to a meeting to give visibility to what I’m going to cover.  My customer might then pull in some additional people to the meeting, which could shorten the sales cycle, and get us more visibility. That would be a great win!”

Jennifer Castenson – Vice President of Multifamily – Organized Living

“If you want to be more successful calling on homebuilders, read this book.  As a homebuilder, we value the salespeople who call on us who have the acumen to be business advisors instead of simply representatives of their companies. Those are the men and women we pay attention to as they help us ‘see’ the financial benefit of their products and services.  They think like owners and that is a true differentiator.”

George Murphy – President, Wayne Homes

If you’d like to learn more and receive advance notice as soon as The Rainmaker! book is available, click here.

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