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A Solution to the Labor Shortage in Construction

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A Solution to the Labor Shortage in Construction

Construction is one of the few industries that is doing well despite the Coronavirus. This makes it a great time to reduce labor shortages in construction.

Before the 2009 recession, a lot of people were working in construction. Business was good. You could earn a good living and start your own contracting business with a small cost of entry. We believed there would never be a downturn in housing.

We were wrong and when the downturn happened, it hit these people hard. Their life plans were crushed. Many of them left the industry to drive trucks or frack oil. They were so heartbroken that they swore never to come back to construction.

As the industry rebounded, we have done a poor job of promoting the benefits of a job in construction. That’s unfortunate, because the benefits are there.

Why More People Should Choose Construction Jobs

Instead of going heavily into debt to get a college degree and not even come out of it with a well-paying job, why not go into construction?

Construction offers much better job security than being a bartender, waiter, retail employee, or an Uber driver.

Even if you get a white-collar job at a large company, they regularly lay off thousands of people without a thought. They also don’t teach you skills that you can take to another employer.

Instead of working one of those desk jobs, you can become an installer for a contractor, earn a good living with benefits, be home every night and have an opportunity for advancement. You also learn a skill that you can use to move to another firm.

If you want to own your own business and possibly earn more money than you thought possible, the building materials industry offers one of the easiest ways to be your own boss. The traditional method is to start by getting a job as a framer, sider, glazer, plumber, roofer, deck builder, electrician, insulator, painter or one of the many other trades and build your business from there.

You start at the bottom with a successful contracting firm. If you do what you’re told, you will learn the basics very quickly. You can learn something new every day. As you master how to install a product, you can learn how to run a successful business.

For many trades, you can start your own business without going heavily into debt.

There is a large number of good people who are currently unemployed or unhappily employed. Now is a great time for building materials companies to help contractors. By promoting the benefits of a career in construction, you can guide them in the right direction.

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