Insights for Building Materials Companies

Affordable Home Improvement Advertising

It always amazes me how many building material brands that sell products for home improvement take a wait-and-see approach to marketing. Let’s WAIT for the homeowner to decide they need…

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Knowledge and Power In Building Material Sales

Your customer has the most power and the least knowledge while you have the most knowledge and the least power. Let’s use this infographic to help explore how to help…

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$100,000 Closets Sell $1,000 Closets

An article in the Wall Street Journal featured photos and a story about over the top closets that cost $100,000 or more. Most closet system companies and other building product…

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How to Piss Off a Builder, Contractor or Architect

What’s the best way to piss off a builder, contractor or architect?  Don’t follow up on trade show leads. Why would a building product manufacturer spend all the money it…

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House & Home Shows – A Missed Opportunity

Every spring, in most communities, there is an annual House & Home or Garden & Home Show. These shows attract thousands of homeowners who are looking to spend money improving…

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Problems with Building Product Ad Agencies

“We love our agency, we just wish they understood our business.” This is a quote I frequently hear from building material manufacturers. Here is why this happens: 1.   Unless they…

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The Building Materials Sales and MarketingKnowledge Bank

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