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Affordable Home Improvement Advertising

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Affordable Home Improvement Advertising

It always amazes me how many building material brands that sell products for home improvement take a wait-and-see approach to marketing.

Let’s WAIT for the homeowner to decide they need or want our product.  And then let’s SEE if they choose our brand.

The building product manufacturer assumes that if his products are in big boxes, dealers and distributors, that’s all he can or has to do. 

Of course, it also helps if the contractors prefer your brand.

This wait-and-see attitude misses a lot of sales opportunities.

The majority of building material manufacturers can’t afford direct to consumer advertising, but that’s okay.

There is a very affordable way to reach potential home improvement customers that has been around for a long time.

It’s the Sunday supplement or FSI.  It’s that pile of inserts that are in your newspaper every Sunday.

6 Reasons Why FSI’s Are Great for Home Improvement Sales:

1. They are very affordable on a cost per thousand basis.

2. They get into people’s houses where enough people read them to keep sophisticated marketers like P&G coming back each week.

3. They are measurable.  You can measure the leads and successful sales through in-home selling contractors.  You should partner with a contractor or dealer in each market to close the sales.

4. You can target them down to very specific markets or even neighborhoods, making them an ideal test vehicle.

5. The color printing can be used to inspire people to action.  They can imagine themselves enjoying a new deck, windows or fireplace.

6. There are only a few home improvement companies who use them, so you’ll stand out.

A good way to start is to contact Valassis, a leader in Sunday supplements.  

In our rush to try new solutions like Facebook, sometimes an old school approach, like a supplement, is actually more innovative and effective.

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