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Building Materials Infographics

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Building Materials Infographics

Most of the building materials industry has not caught up to the rest of the world with the use of Infographics.  This Infographic from Icynene is a great example of an effective building materials infographic.

People absorb visual information faster and retain more of your message. An infographic has the benefit of combining visuals with key copy points.

In addition to telling your story to more people, infographics are also a great item to offer on your website in exchange for the customers email.

In my consulting business, I use a lot of infographics to explain building materials sales and marketing.  I have printed some as large posters and mailed them out.  I frequently see my posters hanging in the offices of companies who hire me.  Some of these posters were mailed three years ago.

Many infographics try to jam too much information onto them so they become more of a large one-page brochure that is a chore to read. Better ones, like this one from Icynene, invite you to read because they are simple.  They also are written and designed in a way that you want to read them from top to bottom.

Every agency and designer will say that they can do an infographic.  I find that this is a specialized skill. If you plan to do an infographic, you should consider hiring a designer who specializes in infographics.  You can find them online in all price ranges.  The lower-priced designers will require more work on your part.

Another reason that I like this infographic is that it covers a unique subject.  Insulation companies tend to focus on the benefits of insulation to save on heating while Icynene uses this infographic to focus on cooling.

One final thing to notice is that this infographic focuses first on education and then on selling. Too many building materials companies focus more on selling than education and lose their audiences.

Well done Icynene and I hope more of you start to use infographics.  I couldn’t do a screen capture of the entire poster, but you can view it here.

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