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Building Materials Go BOOM!!

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Building Materials Go BOOM!!

If you work in building materials, it’s time to put some BOOM!! back into your work.

Since last March, we’ve been whipsawed from “We’re heading into a really bad recession” to “We can’t keep up with the demand for our products.”

Whether we worked in offices or in the field, we were used to having face-to-face contact with our coworkers and customers. Now we communicate with each other over Zoom, email, phone, social media and text.

These methods have their benefits and many of us have gotten better at using them. But still, they just don’t stand up to face-to-face interactions.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a live sales meeting. This was the first in-person event I’ve been able to attend or speak at in a year. For three days, I was training sales reps in more effective ways to grow their sales.

Then BOOM!! That’s when it hit me.

Whenever you interact face-to-face, you automatically up your game. You prepare a bit more. It’s not just another sales call – you treat it like it’s THE sales call. It’s not just another meeting or presentation, it’s THE meeting or presentation.

Others are counting on you for a positive outcome. They’re a lot more likely to ask you how it went. They will congratulate you on the wins and support you when you lose.

You can read the customer or the room much better in person.

When you nail it, you can feel it in your blood and bones. It’s intense, like a giant BOOM!! 

BOOM!! – you own the room and captivate the customer. BOOM!! – your team put together an idea on the whiteboard that can change the future of a company.

I miss that feeling. I bet you do too. It’s rare these days.

I’m Not Seeing Much BOOM!! These Days

Lately when I sit in on a virtual sales call or someone’s trying to sell me something, it feels like we’re going through the motions. It doesn’t feel like effective selling. 

I can’t blame the salespeople for that. If you’re working from home and making five Zoom calls a day, it can be hard to pump yourself up for each one. At least when you travel to a meeting you have time to mentally prepare on the way there and to debrief after it’s over.

When you’re booked solid on back-to-back calls, you’re not giving them your best.

It’s also hard when your new master is Salesforce. You just check off the boxes and add a few notes. You no longer have to take the time to follow up because your marketing automation program does that for you.

Tools like Zoom, Salesforce and Hubspot are great. The problem is that it’s easy to let them take the YOU! out of doing your job.

To get more BOOM!!, it really helps if you work for someone who wants you to succeed and gives you regular feedback. If you don’t have that, you need to find ways to do it for yourself.

It’s not just about doing your job well – it’s also about enjoying it more. Life is too short and our jobs can become boring and unfulfilling if they don’t have enough BOOM!!

BOOM!! makes you more effective. It helps you sell more. You’ll just plain do a better job.

BOOM!! is also contagious. It spreads to customers and coworkers – in a good way.

I’m looking for ways that sales and marketing people can add some BOOM!! to their jobs and I’d love to hear how you’re adding some to yours.

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