Insights for Building Materials Companies

Why Building Materials Companies Ignore This Important Customer

Most building materials companies focus their sales and marketing efforts on a few types of customers. Typically, architects, builders and contractors. Those are key players in any construction project, but…

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The Ultimate Guide to Green Construction Terms

The interest in Green, sustainable, energy efficient, carbon neutral, and more is an important and growing segment of construction. The industry is progressing from making generic claims that don’t mean…

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How You Are Holding Back Your Building Materials Business

If you’re part of a building materials company, you know your business better than anyone else. It doesn’t matter if you’re in sales, marketing, or management, you have a front…

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This May Be The Last Whizard Summit

I have a lifelong passion for learning, and with that comes a passion for sharing knowledge. That’s what the Whizard Summit is about – bringing experts together so building materials…

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What is the Cost of Building Materials Sales People?

Most building materials companies keep very close tabs on their costs. They know how much they spend on production, materials, shipping, warranty, marketing – and that’s just the beginning.  There’s…

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The Biggest Challenge Facing Building Materials Companies

When you read the title of this post, something specific came to your mind. Maybe it was labor shortages. Possibly the supply chain. It could’ve been pricing. Those might be…

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