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The Most Important Exhibit at IBS

Did you catch the most important booth at IBS this year? I bet not. Chances are you walked right by it and didn’t notice it. The most important audience for…

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How to Follow-up on IBS Show Leads

You spent the money for an exhibit at the International Builders’ Show and all the travel and entertainment that comes along with it. It’s a sizeable expense. But most companies…

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7 New Year’s Resolutions for Building Materials

Some of these are focused on those common problems that never seem to change, kind of like those personal resolutions to lose weight (you won’t be the only one starting…

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Best Social Media for Building Materials Sales

When I am hired to work with building materials companies they want me to help them find million dollar customers. The companies that work with me are in the business…

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Have to Have Building Products

Whether your building product is for commercial or residential use, your goal should be to make your product indispensable. Customers should see it as a“Have to Have” instead of just a “Nice…

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Diagramming a Building Materials Sales and Marketing Plan

When it’s time for a new sales and marketing plan, most companies use last year’s plan as a template and make a few updates to it. That assumes you already…

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