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Building Material Channel Marketing

Required Reading at Many Leading Building Materials Companies

No other industry is as dependent on the distribution channel for it’s success than the building materials industry. Many ad agencies and industry newcomers don’t realize the importance of the distribution channel and end up struggling in their sales and marketing efforts.

Sound familiar?

Mark Mitchell pulls the curtain back and helps both industry newcomers and seasoned industry veterans see the true inner workings of this intricate industry.

The win?

  • More effective employees, sales cycles, and marketing programs.

  • Lower training costs – shorten the learning curve and speed up success.

  • Less wasted time and money on tactics that fail (without fail).


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Joe 2

“There are thousands of books on marketing for the consumer packaged goods industry, but there is scant research and insight on how to market to the building materials industry. This book encapsulates 20+ years of Mark’s experience and outlines the challenges and opportunities for a B2B manufacturer. It is a must read for sales and marketing professionals in the building industry.”

Joe Dachowicz, VP – Marketing, Overhead Doors


Tom Benedict 2“I sent a copy of your book to a new supplier. He told me he has read your book three times and at least once a month he reads the chapter on how to sell to builders. He had a chance meeting with a division of DR Horton and is now exclusive in two divisions and has meetings with two more. Though you would like to hear the impact your book has had on one building material manufacturer.”

Tom Benedict, Vice President of Purchasing, Wayne Homes



“I never get tired of reading your book.  I use it as a consulting book, just like when in college!”

Jessica L Navascues, CEO, Plycem USA –  Allura



“In the often-misunderstood building materials channel, Mark offers a well-balanced treasure trove of timeless strategies and new-world tactics based on real-world experiences. A brilliant must-read. For victory-driven marketing and sales and executive leadership, this book is hard to put down–but easy to pick up time and again as a go-to reference.”

Robert Schindler, Senior VP of Strategic Marketing, Associated Building Materials

“Whether you are a twenty-year CEO or just starting as a building materials sales person or marketing specialist, Building Material Channel Marketing clearly articulates the key motivators behind the decision-making processes of each of the eight essential influencers in the building materials channel. And their whys are often very different. This book will soon become part of the standard training program for new hires in every serious building materials company.”

Michael Werner, President/CEO of Globe Union Group, Parent of Danze/Gerber Plumbing Fixtures

“Learning From the Master: Understanding Building Materials Channel Marketing.”

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