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If you’re stuck with a sales or marketing problem that’s keeping you up at night, give me a call. We’ll hop on the phone for 30 minutes at no charge in the best case I may be able to tell you how to solve your problem yourself and you will sleep better at night.

“It’s always a delight to talk with a seasoned professional that knows your sales/marketing channel and can challenge you, give you insight and do it in a collaborative manner.  Mark, the marketing whizard of the building supply industry, is easy to talk with and if you share your business landscape or where on your journey you are, he may change your outlook and invite new approaches to old challenges.  I encourage anyone who is on the grow to explore innovative possibilities to call and pick his brain.”

Bill Turk, CEO, Pest Control Insulation, LLC

“Just wanted to say how productive and empowering our conversation was last week. It was probably the most valuable  ” free” time I have spent this year with a marketer. We can see that you have an insight into the whole building industry and have confidence that your input will help us in the future.”

Tony Novelli, Marketing Manager, Loewen

My number is 419-450-0302 — and I look forward to chatting with you.

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