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Look for My Monthy Webinars on Building Materials Sales and Marketing

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Look for My Monthy Webinars on Building Materials Sales and Marketing

Each month a special guest speaker and I will be hosting a free webinaron a subject of interest to building materials sales and marketing people. Sales subjects will include how to sell builders, architects, dealers, contractors, distributors, big boxes, interior designers, facilities managers, the use of independent reps and more. Marketing subjects will include trade shows, marketing automation, SEO, content marketing, how to improve your website, the role of print advertising, paid online tools and more. Management subjects will include breaking down silos, the importance of customer service, more effective market research, how and why to be more Green and more. My webinars are perfect for those of you who can’t come to my events or are only interested in a single subject.  They will also make it possible for my many followers, from other countries, who have been asking me to produce webinars so they can learn without having to travel to the U.S. As with all of my events, these will not be boring PowerPoints full of theory and buzzwords.  They will be entertaining, easy to understand and full of actionable strategies that you can implement yourself.  It’s 60 minutes of useful shit stuff. Click hereto subscribe to my newsletter for advance notice each month.

For those of you who can’t make it or don’t want to be up at 3 am in Singapore, all of my webinars will be recorded for viewing anytime you’d like.  If you find a webinar to be particularly helpful, you will be able to share with others, at no charge.

In addition to building materials manufacturers, many of these subjects will be of interest the growing list of my newsletter subscribers from dealers, distributors and big boxes who want to grow their pro sales.

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