Home Improvement Product Sales Moving Online

Important Change for Building Product Manufacturers The post-World War II building boom spawned a fragmented culture of building contractors and skilled tradesmen who built, rebuilt, modernized and improved America’s housing…

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Video of The Ideal Building Materials Website – Webinar

Click to View Video of Webinar Learn Simple Changes to Make Your Website More Effective That Most Building Materials Companies Miss If you want to create a competitive advantage and grow your sales with…

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10 Common Problems with Building Materials Websites

Having a website is a necessity for your company in today’s digital world. Having an effective web presence is critical to your success as your customers now see your website…

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Start Online Discussions About Your Building Products

The process of content marketing for building materials should fall under the same category as any other B2B business where information is king. Before buyers consider buying your building materials,…

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How to Convert Building Material Leads

I recently asked three building material manufacturers about the results of their trade show efforts.  All three told me they had a lot of traffic and interest but six months…

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Big Home Depot Change

Home Depot is going to stop opening new stores and shift their growth efforts online.  They used to open 200 stores a year.  This year they will open one. What…

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