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STUPID – Doing what you can versus what you should

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STUPID – Doing what you can versus what you should

I recently met with a building material manufacturer who told me how excited she was that they were now doing videos.  I asked her why and she told me that one of their internal people taught himself how to do videos.

They now have the ability to do videos so they now do videos.  Videos can be very effective but doing videos does not mean increasing sales, it means doing videos.

This is a common mistake that most building material companies make, starting with what they call an idea such as, ‘Let’s do some videos”.  And the measure of success is, we got the videos done and a senior executive liked them.

The measure of success should always be –


Building material marketing people always tell me they don’t have enough money.  And I usually say you have plenty of money if you’d just stop wasting it on ineffective solutions.

The best way to increase your marketing budget is to stop doing stupid things or to stop taking a stupid approach to marketing.

It’s simple.

Start with a measurable objective.  Don’t jump to an idea or tactic like,” lets do some videos.” Spend time on developing a strategy and the right idea will reveal itself.

Most people skip the strategy or don’t spend enough time on it in their haste to find a solution and get started.

Stop doing what you CAN and make sure you are doing what you SHOULD to increase sales.

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