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SMART – Joey Peters From Mohawk

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SMART – Joey Peters From Mohawk

Joey Peters, Director of Pro Channel Marketing at Mohawk has always impressed me with the way he recognizes the contributions of others. I have followed Joey for several years on LinkedIn and he is always looking for reasons to recognize and show his appreciation for others.

Here is a recent example where he is recognizing the wisdom and importance of salespeople.

Showing appreciation on LinkekIn

The quotes that stood out to me

“reminders that the sales team is the keeper of a critical relationship with the customer.”

“An ad can’t drive needed samples to a designer on a deadline. A slick website can’t navigate a nuanced claims issue… it’s the field team’s ability to service that drives the business.”

When do you ever see a marketing person acknowledging salespeople? Any marketing program that Mohawk develops is going to be better and it’s going to be better accepted by the sales team.

Joey also recognizes his agency partners. Whenever he talks about a new marketing program, he gives credit to the agency.

When companies are unhappy with the performance of their agencies, I ask them, “When was the last time you showed your agency any appreciation beyond paying their invoice? When was the last time, you publicly recognized them with a compliment on social media?”

Instead of sharing what you did, you’ll be amazed at what happens when you share the credit.

If you want to follow a master of this, you should follow Joey Peters on LinkedIn.

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