Insights for Building Materials Companies

Stop Preaching to the Home Improvement Choir

Most building product manufacturers, who sell into the home improvement market, are missing a of lot sales.  They focus on those homeowners who are most likely to take on a…

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How to Compete with Lowe’s and Home Depot

Big boxes have impacted many building product dealers.  You can choose to take the ‘woe is me’ path or you can choose to thrive.  If you’d like to thrive, here’s…

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Building Product Price Too High?  Change the Context.

One of the first questions, a builder asks is “How much more does it cost?”  The big box buyer frequently says, “Your price is too high.”  There are two solutions…

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How Can Vipers Help Home Improvement Sales?

The Wall Street Journal has done it again with an over-the-top housing feature, a million dollar garage.  Most building product manufacturers don’t see what these millionaire housing features have to…

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What Building Material Companies Can Learn About Pricing from Herman Miller

The first question out of a builder, contractor or big box buyer’s mouth is usually “How much does it cost?”  Or simply, “Does it cost more?”   Most of the time,…

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Are You Really a Green Building Material Company?

An influencer of growing importance is what we used to call, The Tree Hugger.  There are now Green architects, engineers, builders, contractors, code officials, emerging competitors, media and consumers who…

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