Insights for Building Materials Companies

What Building Material Companies Can Learn About Pricing from Herman Miller

The first question out of a builder, contractor or big box buyer’s mouth is usually “How much does it cost?”  Or simply, “Does it cost more?”   Most of the time,…

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Are You Really a Green Building Material Company?

An influencer of growing importance is what we used to call, The Tree Hugger.  There are now Green architects, engineers, builders, contractors, code officials, emerging competitors, media and consumers who…

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The Problem with Building Material Public Relations

Most building material companies are missing a real opportunity to use the power of public relations to grow their sales.  It continues to amaze me how simple and inexpensive it…

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The Real Competition in Home Improvement

If you want to see more of your products sold in the home improvement market, you have to create a compelling vision.  If you sell products for decks or kitchens,…

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Key Motivations of Building Material Customers

When you develop a marketing program or prepare for a sales call with a building product material channel customer, you need to make sure you are talking to their primary…

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How to Sell Builder Puchasing Departments

If you want to grow your sales to homebuilders, knowing how to work with their purchasing department is critical.  I surveyed the purchasing leaders of 30 builders to find out…

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