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Motivations in Building Materials

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Motivations in Building Materials

With the building material channel, it’s not about the aesthetics or performance of your product.  It’s all about the business proposition.

Tell me why I should carry or use your product. Don’t tell me how attractive it is.  Don’t tell me how much better it works. 

Instead, tell me why I will benefit from your product.  What’s your business proposition for me?

Do you know your customer’s primary motivation?

Here’s a list of the primary motivations for just about anyone you may call on in the building materials channel. 

If you disagree with my list, create your own.

Audience Primary Motivation
Architect Reputation
Big Box Buyer Career
Building Owner Performance
Home Builder Profitability of Final Product
Distributor/Dealer Profit Margin
Facilities Manager Performance
General Contractor Time Value of Money
New Home Buyer Lifestyle
Subcontractor Labor Costs

Look at the list and consider how you can meet the primary motivation of each person you need to reach. 

Sometimes the motivation can have two sides.

For instance, with the architect whose primary motivation is his reputation, your product could mean fame and glory.  

Your product could also hurt his reputation if it fails.

You should consider how well you meet the primary motivation of each person you think you should reach. 

Focus on the person for whom you can you do the best job of meeting their motivation.

They can either push or pull your product through the channel if your ability to reach their primary motivation is strong enough.

The company that focuses on the business proposition and its ability to meet the primary motivations of the channel will beat those who are focused on aesthetics or performance.

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