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It’s a Great Time for Building Materials Companies to Convert New Customers

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It’s a Great Time for Building Materials Companies to Convert New Customers

The last thing you may need right now is any more customers. Or you may have the capacity to take on some new customers.

In either case, now is a great time to reach out to new customers. Here is a great example from Alfonso Nieves at Fox Blocks.

Fox Blocks Grows Sales

Products like insulated concrete forms, SIPS and others have been working hard for years to convert builders, architects, and contractors to alternative methods of construction.

Even with the great benefits they offer, it has been a tough sell as it was too easy for the customer to keep doing what they had always done.

Fox Blocks recognized they had a new story to tell builders with the rising cost of lumber and shortage of framers.

The “reason why” ICF may be good for a builder, is now how it stacks up to wood framing in terms of cost and the ability to build more houses faster. The other benefits of energy savings, strength, and others are now the icing on the cake.

If you have a product that you have struggled to get more customers to use, now is the time to rethink your sales message. Ask yourself, “What has changed for your customers in the last year? How does that make converting to your product a better idea now?”

Even if you are not looking for new customers today, now is a great time to start working on the customers you would like to have next year. The best customers take time to sell.

Most building materials companies have a sales message that is aimed at the end-user such as the homeowner will save more energy. The distributor, dealer, architect, builder, and contractor don’t care about that benefit as they won’t be paying the utility bills.

You need a sales message or benefit statement to every type of customer if you want to grow your business more efficiently. Fox Blocks gave this builder a very timely and powerful reason to switch to their ICF. Is there a new reason why customers should switch to you that you are overlooking?

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