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How to Sell an Inferior Building Product

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How to Sell an Inferior Building Product

Many building materials companies unnecessarily lose sales to competitors who make a lower quality product.

They mistakenly assume that if they can just make the customer understand how much better their product is, that the customer will then buy their product.

These building materials companies have two problems

1. They know too much about their product. They better know a lot about their product, but this knowledge is frequently the biggest reason they lose the sale.

2. They think this superior knowledge makes them know better what the customer needs than the customer does.

They keep relying on product knowledge and persistence to try to make the sale. Just like a broken record, they keep relying on the same message. And they keep losing sales.

The reason they can’t sell more is that they don’t know enough about their customer. The competition wins either because they know more about the customer or they know to talk less about their product.

The most important thing a building materials company can do is to know more about their customers than the competition.

Whoever knows the most about the customer will outsell everyone else.

Superior customer knowledge is hard work. You not only need to know about the type of customers such as an architect or builder but about their firm. You also need to know about their customers.

Once learned, product knowledge doesn’t change that fast.

Customer knowledge changes daily; you can never truly master it. There is always something new to learn.

The most important thing is to believe in the power of customer knowledge and the competitive advantage it can give you.

Like many of the strategies I recommend, superior customer knowledge doesn’t have to cost anything. It simply takes desire, attitude, and constant curiosity.

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