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BlueLinx is Smart

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BlueLinx is Smart

Distributors like Ferguson and ABC continue to become marketing powerhouses in their categories.  In many cases, they are doing a better job than the manufacturer.  The result is that they are becoming more powerful than the manufacturer in controlling which product gets sold.  Gone are the days of the distributor simply being a warehouse that fills orders and takes a markup.

I saw the above post on LinkedIn.  What a smart idea for BlueLinx.  Sales and marketing is not the strong suit of their dealer customers.  I spoke to 600 dealers at an LMC meeting on how dealers can grow their pro sales and better compete with big boxes.

I felt like a rock star based on the number of dealers who came up after my speech or stopped me later to thank me for helping them to be more successful. This showed me how much they are looking for this help and BlueLinx is providing it.

Even smarter is how BlueLinx is focusing on multifamily.  Everyone is interested in multifamily, and most manufacturers and dealers don’t know how to approach it.  Multifamily can be confusing.  Is it residential or is it commercial?  Who is the decision maker?  And more.

BlueLinx is offering to help dealers figure this out and grow their sales in this big and growing market.

What are you doing to help your customers be more successful as the market changes?

Contact me to learn how you can grow your sales by making your customers more successful the way BlueLinx has.

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