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Why Doesn’t the Home Improvement Industry Celebrate Christmas?

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Why Doesn’t the Home Improvement Industry Celebrate Christmas?

It’s that time of year when retailers and manufacturers are blasting us with advertising to buy their products as gifts. Big screen TVs, clothing, jewelry and more.

Even automobiles are being advertised as gifts with big red bows on them. With all the hoopla surrounding gifts during this time of year, I wonder why the home improvement industry ignores Christmas and lets all those dollars go elsewhere. Homeowners only have so much disposable income, and once those dollars are gone, they are gone.

The price of a car or a big piece of jewelry can pay for many home improvements. A lot of jewelry is purchased because people can’t think of anything else. If someone were to advertise a home improvement as a gift, it would result in sales. Many homeowners would love a new kitchen, deck, closet, etc. as a Christmas gift, knowing that it wouldn’t be installed until after the holidays.

Here is why the home improvement industry misses out on the Christmas selling season:

1.  For the most part, the home improvement industry is made up of small businesses that do not have the marketing dollars or marketing savvy to do a holiday promotion. They equate the fact that home improvement slows down over the holidays with a lack of demand.  Contractors and dealers should advertise home improvements as gifts.

2.  Building product manufacturers are too focused on competing with each other than growing the market. This would be a great time for manufacturers to pool their resources and advertise projects, such as “The Gift of a Kitchen.” This is a time when they should work to grow the pie rather than just fight for a bigger piece of the same pie.

Instead of becoming invisible during the holiday season, the home improvement industry should turn it into a time of joy for themselves and for the many happy homeowners.

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