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More Traffic at Building Materials Trade Shows

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More Traffic at Building Materials Trade Shows

My hats off to the Surfaces Show for making an effort to get more attendees to visit the exhibits on the show floor.  When I work with building materials companies, I always review their trade show plans.

I frequently find that they are either going to too many shows, the wrong shows or spending too much on the show.  They may not need as big or as expensive booth as they think they do.

One of the reasons I recommend reductions in their trade show program is the lack of traffic, on the show floor.  The show manager will quote an impressive number of total attendees, but the number who spend any meaningful time on the show floor is much smaller.

At some building materials shows, they could set up bowling alleys in the aisles and not hit anyone. That’s also the type of show where you see the people manning the booth, glued to their smartphones.

GreenBuild And AIA Are Notorious For a Lack of Traffic.

Their audiences almost avoid the show floor as they are in classes and on field trips.  The AIA has moved some classrooms onto the show floor to help bring people to the show floor.  The problem is the architects are rushing like a college freshman from class to class.  They rush past the exhibits to get to class on time and rush right out afterward.

I’m not sure what the solution is but the shows are biting the hand that feeds them as the fees exhibitors pay, makes many of these shows possible.

That’s why I applaud the Surfaces Show for at least making an effort.  I’m not sure if a T-shirt is the best incentive or if 250 will make much of a difference but good for them, for trying something.

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