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Building Materials LinkedIn Rockstars

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Building Materials LinkedIn Rockstars

I’m a big believer in the power of LinkedIn. There are many ways to be successful on LinkedIn, and I wanted to share a few examples of people in the building materials industry who use LinkedIn to its full potential.

I have included people who I think are LinkedIn Rock Stars. They each take a different approach to using the platform, and you just might find that one of these approaches can work for you.

A quick note before I get to these rock stars. I have over 6,000 connections on LinkedIn, but I don’t see everyone’s activities. I’m sure there are many other people who are making great use of it, but I just haven’t seen them.

The Biggest Rock Star I know on LinkedIn is Gerard McCaughey of Entekra.

Entekra LinkedIn Leader

Here’s what Gerard does that makes him a rock star:

  1. He knows why he is on LinkedIn and he has a clear goal. He is an evangelist for off-site or factory-built construction. His goal is, first, to get the industry to change and, second, to sell his company.
  2. He understands the power of repetition and consistency. He is on LinkedIn just about every day with a bold message about the benefits of off-site construction. And he uses examples. It’s no longer theoretical when you see a new job leave his factory, everyday.
  3. He may be the CEO, but he is not too important for LinkedIn. He is accessible
  4. He lets his big personality and confidence come through.

Gerard does more to further the cause of off-site construction on social media than anyone else in the industry, including Katerra, the Godzilla of off-site construction. While Gerard’s LinkedIn efforts are growing sales for his company, they’re also bringing more customers to all of his competitors.

If you want to learn from a master, I recommend that you follow Gerard on LinkedIn.

Jim Groleau is My Field Sales LinkedIn Rock Star

Jim Groleau Rockstar

Jim is the Northeast territory manager for Norwood Windows and Doors. His customers are high-end custom home builders and residential architects.

Here’s what Jim does:

  1. He shares beautiful, inspirational photos of homes that use Norwood windows. His captions are always about the beauty of the house itself and then about how his windows complement its appearance. When you read one of Jim’s posts, you feel like saying, “Thanks for sharing this, Jim. I can see that we have similar tastes. Maybe I should talk to you about an upcoming project.”

Jim also gives credit to the architect and builder, which helps them in two ways. First, they appreciate being recognized by a third party like Jim. Second, other builders and architects also notice Jim’s posts and wonder why their suppliers aren’t supporting them the way Jim does.

2. Jim also recognizes and supports the businesses of architects and builders by commenting on and sharing their posts. Here’s an example of a post where Jim simply “liked” the work of an architect, who may or may not have used his windows.

Recognizing an Architect

The architect noticed and appreciated what Jim did. They see that he is helping them promote their business. If they’re currently using Jim’s windows, they just became a little more loyal. If they’re a prospect, it will now be much easier for Jim to get a meeting with them.

3. Jim is speaking as a person, not as a company. The more person-to-person you can make your social media, the better. While Norwood Windows are a very high-quality product, a lot of their customers believe in Norwood because they believe in Jim.

And while I can’t share his results with you, Jim tracks the sales growth he has received from LinkedIn and has shared them with me. The results he receives are very impressive.

Let me just say – fewer cold calls and more sales

If you sell or market products to residential architects or custom home builders, I recommend that you follow Jim.

Bruno Batista is My Industry Cheerleader LinkedIn Rock Star

Brunno Batista

You will not find a more positive and entertaining person on LinkedIn in the building materials industry.  Bruno is a brand ambassador and contractor training specialist for Tropical Roofing Products.  In the way too serious and often boring category of commercial roofing products, Bruno stands out.

Bruno is my industry cheerleader LinkedIn rockstar because

  1.  He is fun. If you are a roofer, Bruno’s posts will bring a smile to your face.   He searches far and wide for entertaining things to share with roofers.
  2.  Like Jim and Gerard, Bruno lets is personality and passion for the industry shine.   Bruno is someone you would like to know.   If I was going to attend one of Bruno’s training classes, I would look forward to it.
  3.  Bruno is establishing a relationship and trust with his customers first so that when he recommends his products, customers are more likely to listen to what he has to say.

If you sell to contractors and want to better connect with them, I recommend that you follow Bruno to see his very creative and unconventional way to use LinkedIn.

My Small Company Leader Rock Stars are Miguel Gonzales and Tom Tamlyn.

Miguel and Tom From Tamlyn, Are My Small Company LinkedIn Rock Stars Because:

  1. As leaders of their company, they take the time to be on LinkedIn. How many other Presidents or CEOs are this accessible?
  2. When a territory rep like Jim recognizes a customer, it’s a great idea. But when the CEO or President recognizes a customer, it takes customer appreciation to a whole new level. Most building materials customers feel that manufacturers take them for granted, so when the big guy takes the time to recognize them, it makes their day.
  3. Unlike many leaders, Tom and Miguel are more in touch with the customers and their needs.

Razvan Tata is my Dealer LinkedIn Rock Star

Dealer LinkedIn

Razvan is My Dealer LinkedIn Rock Star Because

  1. He recognizes the value of social media and LinkedIn, so he makes participating in it a priority.
  2. A lot of his posts are educational in nature to help you chose the right product, whether or not it’s from him.
  3. He shows installations in progress, which displays his crew’s attention to detail.
  4. Like my other rock stars, Razvan shows that he is accessible, really cares and is proud of his business.

If you’re a dealer or want to help your dealers make better use of LinkedIn, I recommend that you follow Razvan.

Just like my rock stars, if you’re in building materials and want to become more successful, you should be using social media to:

  • Expand your list of industry contacts, including current and prospective customers.
  • Keep you top of mind or in contact with important people you may only rarely see.
  • Keep yourself informed about changes in the industry, customers and people.
  • Position yourself as an expert and a leader in your field.

The Four Keys to Social Media Success:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Be active on a regular basis
  3. Be yourself
  4. Be helpful before you sell

If you know anyone you feel is a LinkedIn rock star – even if it’s yourself – please let me know by replying to this email. I’d like to keep adding to this list of Rock Stars!

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