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Building Material Ad Agency Directory

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Building Material Ad Agency Directory

As a building materials sales and marketing consultant, it’s my job to point companies in the right direction.

I will spend time studying your sales and marketing efforts. I will conduct deep research by speaking to your customers. I will look at your business from 30,000 feet in the air to see the big picture of how you operate.

Once I have all that information, I won’t launch your marketing campaigns for you. Instead, I’ll make sure that your marketing efforts are effective and that your budget isn’t going to waste. I will give your sales team the tools they need to secure sale after sale.

And if you need to work with an outside agency, I’ll point you in the right direction by helping you find one that’s a good fit.

That’s not information I want to keep guarded. One of the reasons I write this newsletter, host my podcast, and gather experts for the Whizard Summit is because I want to share all the insights and knowledge I can.

It’s the same with my list of creative firms and ad agencies. Instead of keeping it private and only sharing it with my clients, it’s a resource I want to make available for anyone who might need it.

Again, my job is to point building material companies in the right direction. And this list is intended to do just that by simplifying your search for an outside agency.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember that I put together a list like this already. Several years ago, I published my Building Material Ad Agency Directory. If you sell building materials, there’s a good chance you might have it bookmarked.

Since many people in the industry have used my directory to help them find an agency that will help them grow their sales and become more successful, I decided it was time for an update. Several firms have changed since I first posted my list and there are new ones that are worth looking into.

Building Materials Agency Selection Guide

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Who Is Included in This Directory

The criteria for my list is very simple. In fact, there’s only one: I only include agencies that have a focus on building materials.

I wanted to help you weed out agencies that don’t specialize in building materials.

I find that agencies without a background in building materials have to be educated about the industry. You end up spending more time teaching them about your product category and customers than you do working out the details of your next campaign. And every time a member of your account or creative team leaves, you have to start that education process all over again.

A firm focused on building materials has the depth of knowledge you need. They’ll already be on the same page as you, so you won’t have to constantly run down what your company does and why customers value your product.

That being said, this is not a complete list of every single agency with building materials experience. These are just the ones I know of. If you know any that I’ve left off, please reach out – I welcome suggestions.

Need More Help?

The agencies are listed alphabetically and the descriptions are their own. I want to leave my personal biases out of this, so I won’t be ranking them or speaking for them. These short blurbs won’t give you enough to make an informed decision, so do look at their websites to get a better idea of who they are.

If you are considering a new agency or creative firm, my Agency Selection Guide can help you make the right decision.

You can also see a recommended list of market research, sales training, CRM, and other firms specializing in the building materials industry on my website.

And of course, if you’d like some help narrowing down the list and finding the right agency for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Building Materials Ad Agencies and Creative Firms

ad HOME – London, Ontario

An award-winning advertising & digital agency with over 15 years of experience building brands that drive successful businesses.

AfterMath – Akron

Come collaborate with the agency that wins concrete results and long-term loyalty. It’s not magic — it’s science. We are an insights-driven marketing agency

Ammunition – Atlanta

A digital agency built for the building industry. We work to create awareness, drive demand, and generate leads for builder brands.

Arnold Ostrom -Minneapolis

When it comes to building products we know what we’re talking about.

BLD Marketing – Pittsburgh

A results-based, data-driven, full-service strategic marketing firm exclusively serving the commercial and residential building materials category

Bolin Zweig – Minneapolis

A brand development and marketing agency with a long history of helping our clients grow their business through innovative marketing solutions

Brandner – Seattle

A full-service advertising and marketing agency, delivering strategic and creative results to the building products industry

Brunner – Pittsburgh & Atlanta

Business as usual is simply no longer an option. Welcome to an agency committed to working smarter to get faster results for our clients.

CBD Marketing – Chicago

A full service agency offering meaningful integrated marketing communications to both the B2B and B2C sector.

Collons Communications – Seattle

Collons Communications has a deep understanding of the built environment coupled with a broad consumer experience of brands.

Damen Jackson – Chicago

A creative branding and design agency. We offer creative branding and design services that help take brands to the next level.

Deep Brook Media – Chicago

Content for the construction industry.

Division 08 Marketing – Atlanta

A full-service marketing firm dedicated to serving the building products and construction industry.

Draper DNA – Raleigh

A non-traditional marketing agency. Specialists in-home, home building, and building products. Our vision is to Disrupt, Surprise, and Delight.

EdOutWest – Denver

Specialists in construction industry marketing for architects, the trades, and building materials suppliers

ER Marketing – Kansas City

An innovative business-to-business marketing firm with a concentration in communicating building products brands. Channel marketing and sales.

Eric Mower & Assoc – Syracuse and 8 Other Cities

EMA provides advertising, PR, public affairs, crisis communications, direct marketing, digital + interactive, market research and sales promotion to B2B and B2C.

Felt Marketing – Costa Mesa, CA

The marketing retrofit company for manufacturers to make sales easier. Like you, we speak distributor, dealer, architect, engineer, design-build, and contractor. Make sales so easy they can’t say no.

Glo Group – Phoenix

Business development & marketing firm focused on growing your revenue through an innovative, proven methodology. At the GLO Group, we ask the right questions.

GreenHouse Digital + PR – Orland Park, IL

A boutique agency, specializing in digital marketing, social media and public relations solutions for the design and construction industries

GWP – Montclair, NJ

An award-winning marketing agency In NJ, built to work as a team that delivers results for our clients.

HB&M – Philadelphia

Founded in 1986, a full-service marketing communications agencyHB&M serves clients in B2B, consumer and healthcare markets.

An integrated digital marketing agency with a focus on building materials.

Heinzeroth – Rockford, IL

Advertising agency specializes in content marketing, media advertising, PR, packaging, merchandising, websites, mobile apps, literature, and video.

Innovative Marketing Results – Hudsonville, MI

A full-service marketing machine that offers integrated, budget-sensitive, and actionable strategies for highly technical products.

Interrupt – Toledo, OH

A strategic marketing consulting and advertising firm in the building materials industry.

Kleber & Associates – Atlanta

A building materials marketing and PR firm that focuses exclusively on building materials manufacturers and building products.

Lead Generation Experts – El Paso

Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO for the building materials industry.

Luminous – Providence

Luminous is a creative agency that excels in the conceptualization, development, and deployment of ideas.

Market Thrive Partners – Cincinnati

Experts in developing eCommerce sales channels and online sales opportunities for building material manufacturers, whether through Amazon, big box retail sites, your customer sites or from your own website.

Merlot Marketing – Sacramento

A national, full-service marketing agency located in Sacramento. We offer branding, PR, social media, advertising and creative services.

Miller Brooks – Indianapolis

A full-service agency that creates advertising, marketing, branding, PR and media for local, national and global clients.

Multistory Media – Dallas

PR firm specializing in media relations, product placements, influencer outreach, awards and social media for the building materials industry.

Orange Inbound – NYC

An inbound marketing agency and Gold HubSpot Partner. We specialize in content marketing, social media, web design, and more for the building materials industry.

Pipitone – Pittsburgh

Expect creative that inspires you. Strategies that move your business forward and people passionate about what they do. At Pipitone, always expect great.

Planit – Baltimore

A strategic, digitally minded agency that leads revolutions for national and global clients

Point to Point – Cleveland

B2B demand generation agency with expertise in Building Products, Food and Industrial Manufacturing industries.

Purdie Rogers – Seattle

A nationally recognized advertising & public relations firm focused exclusively on home products, consumer electronics and automotive

Sonnhalter – Cleveland

Leading B2T marketing communications firm to companies that target professional tradesmen in construction, industrial, and MRO markets.

Stoner Bunting – Lancaster, PA

Succeed in marketing your brand by understanding your distribution channels, product influences and consumer habits and needs.

SWBR – Bethlehem, PA

An advertising, marketing, and public relations agency specializing in custom + digital campaign solutions.

True Digital – Bedford Heights, OH

A digital marketing firm that focuses on data-driven strategies to produce results, effectively connecting your world online and off.

Ultraviolet – Holmdel, NJ

Ultraviolet provides home and lifestyle brands a complete marketing service from strategic consultation and discovery to execution.

UpSpring- New York, NY

UpSpring is a digital marketing and PR firm focusing on business development for companies in the built environment.

Venveo – Blacksburg, VA

A digital marketing agency that specializes in the building materials industry.

Walt Denny – Chicago

Specializes in the home products arena, internet marketing & social media.

White Good – Lancaster, PA

An integrated marcom agency dedicated solely to building brands in the furnishings, finishes and building products space

Wray Ward – Charlotte

Clients come to us for results, a passion for creativity, and a full complement of integrated marketing communications services for better-performing work.


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