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If You Call on Builders – Get This New Book

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If You Call on Builders – Get This New Book

If you call on builders, I highly recommend that you read Bradley Hartmann’s new book entitled “Behind Your Back”. Where my book, “Building Materials Channel Marketing” has a chapter on how to call on builders, Bradley’s whole book is about successful builder sales calls.

Bradley was an Area Purchasing Manager at Pulte Homes and saw the difference between the reps who succeeded and those who failed. Their success or failure had less to do with their product or price and more to do with the rep’s preparation and approach.

The title, “Behind Your Back”, comes from what Bradley learned that builder purchasing people would say about a rep, after the call. The type of things that most reps never get to hear or incorrectly think they know what was said. This book gives you a “Fly on the Wall” view of what goes in purchasing after you leave.

Be Much More Successful in Your Builder Sales Calls.

This easy to read book covers 2 broad categories:
1. What sales reps did to win business.
2. What sales reps did to lose business.

There are four main parts that coincide with the natural timeline of the builder conversion process:
1. Achieving awareness
2. Mastering the meeting
3. Navigating the negotiation
4. Amazing your account to make you bulletproof to competitors

Each part contains 12 rules for success.

You can read this book in a few hours, but you will want to keep it as a reference tool for future builder calls.

“Behind Your Back” is a must have for new sales and marketing people at manufacturers and suppliers. It also will give the experienced builder salesperson some fresh insights into how to up their game.

You can order “Behind Your Back” here, where you can also sign up for Bradley’s newsletter on builder sales calls.

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