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Brilliant Coronavirus Response From a Building Materials Company

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Brilliant Coronavirus Response From a Building Materials Company

Most building materials companies are taking a wait and see attitude towards the Coronavirus. They are letting others decide for them as opposed to being in charge of their business.

Travis Industries is an example of a company that chose to proactively make the best of a bad situation. They were planning to exhibit at the Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Expo last week in New Orleans. Rather than wait to see if the show would be cancelled, they proactively made the decision not to attend.

And instead of accepting it as a financial loss, they made lemonade out of the lemons they had.

They created a virtual tour of their booth with a series of videos.

Coronavirus Response

They invested a lot of money in creating an exhibit to share their story. By creating a video tour, they can still share that story with many of the show attendees. By turning their booth into a video, they are no longer limited to the few days of the show. Their booth investment can now work for them for the next 365 days.

I see most trade show exhibits as more of an expense where I see this as more of an asset that can be used over and over again and in many different ways. This can be used in emails, in social media, in ads and more.

If more people are working from home and running out of things to watch on Netflix, a well-produced video from your company may get more interest

Two suggestions:

1. If you were planning on exhibiting at a now-canceled show such as JLC Live or the AIA, set up your booth in a warehouse and create a video tour of your exhibit like Travis.

2. For all future trade shows, create a video tour of your exhibit to help you turn this expense into an asset.

So, what will you do? Will you wait and see? Or will you be proactive and come up with a new way to meet your customer’s needs?”

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