How to Communicate Building Materials Price Increases

It’s the last thing customers want to hear. “Unfortunately, we have to increase the price of our product.” It’s true that price doesn’t have the power it used to. It’s…

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4 Steps to Creating a Connected Channel Experience

In order for building material manufacturers to be successful, they need to have a channel experience that is connected. Building material manufacturers need to connect the dots for reps, distributors,…

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How You Sell Is More Important Than What You Sell

A guest article from a speaker at the Whizard Summit. I was so impressed with his presentation that I asked him to share it. By Mark Allen Roberts of OTB…

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Are You Really Growing? (Why Growth Doesn’t Always Equal Success)

I’m handing this post over to an old friend, Bill Rossiter. Bill is a 35 year veteran of the industry and the CEO and Principal of Interrupt, a strategic branding…

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5 Signs Your Building Materials Brand Needs to Be Revitalized

This is a guest post from Megan Kacvinsky is the CEO of Point to Point, an advertising agency focused on revitalizing building materials brands. They use strategy, creativity and over 40 years…

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How Selling Architects Has Changed

Like many other professionals, architects did most of their work from office buildings or standalone design firms. And like many other professionals, the pandemic changed the way they did their…

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