Why Building Materials Marketing Never Works

Building materials marketing never works because it follows rather than leads. Marketing leadership is an important driver for any kind of business success. The trouble is, it’s a bit difficult…

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It’s a Great Time for Building Materials Companies to Convert New Customers

The last thing you may need right now is any more customers. Or you may have the capacity to take on some new customers. In either case, now is a…

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3 Ways The Past Year Has Changed Building Materials Sales

It’s easy to see how the past year has dramatically transformed the way building materials are sold. In reality, all they’ve done is accelerate some of the changes that were…

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Slow Response to Lead Inquiries Hurts Building Materials Sales

The lead response time is the amount of time it takes for a building materials company to respond to an inbound lead. A fast-acting process will interact with leads that…

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17 Big Lessons From the Whizard Summit

Learning is a big part of what I do. I wouldn’t be able to advise so many building materials companies if I wasn’t addicted to learning more about their customers,…

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State of Dealer Locators in Building Materials

A good dealer locator is essential in attracting customers and completing the sale. With the advent of lock downs and new technologies, customer behavior has been changing. Online research is…

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