Why Farmers Are an Important Part of Building Materials Sales

This article is based on the last installment in my series of podcasts on sales personas that I recorded with Mark Allen Roberts of OTB Sales Solutions. Mark is my…

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Selling Your Customers’ Customers in Building Materials

  This article is based on a podcast I recorded with Kevin Dean from the building materials agency Manobyte. If you feel like the magic is gone from building materials sales, you’re not alone. That…

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Building Materials Companies Need to Support Their Hunters

This article is based on the latest in a series of podcasts I’m doing with my go-to sales expert, Mark Allen Roberts of OTB Sales Solutions. Last week, we told you about the fisherman, a…

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Building Materials Is Speeding Up – But Sales and Marketing Aren’t Keeping Pace

Historically, the pace of change in building materials has been slow. Very slow. Over the last twenty years, however, the industry has started speeding up. Each year, it gets even…

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Big Change in the Role of Building Materials Sales People

When digital marketing is done right, it can produce a lot of new leads, but they’re not being handled properly. Sales teams don’t know how to qualify and nurture them….

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Katerra Failed From Too Much Money, Too Many Opportunities, and an Inability to Execute

Katerra had a big, bold idea: that much of the waste and inefficiency in construction could be eliminated. It’s an idea that just makes sense and whose time has come….

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