How to Sell Green Building Materials Today

Many building materials companies believe that features like “Made in America” or “Green Materials” are nice but that no one will actually pay more for them. They’re wrong. It doesn’t…

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The Right Way to Use Social Media to Increase Building Materials Sales

Social media used to be considered an extra project. It was a cool way to interact with customers, but traditional marketing was the real deal. Today, social media marketing isn’t…

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Building Materials Companies Are Losing Their Most Important Customers

Building materials companies are in crisis. Supply chain disruptions are causing issues across the industry. Unfortunately, company leaders have taken a reactive approach to these interruptions instead of dealing with…

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Building Materials Companies Need to Stop Hoping

This article is based on a podcast I recorded with Melanie Towey of Melanie Anne, a business coach and EOS implementor. As a company grows, having a central strategy becomes more and more critical….

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Time to Reinvent Trade Shows for Building Materials

Many building material companies have started to realize that trade shows are a big waste of money for them. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are ways…

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Why Farmers Are an Important Part of Building Materials Sales

This article is based on the last installment in my series of podcasts on sales personas that I recorded with Mark Allen Roberts of OTB Sales Solutions. Mark is my…

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