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8 Ways Building Materials Companies Can Use Social Media

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8 Ways Building Materials Companies Can Use Social Media

There are many ways how building materials companies can use social media. There are different strategies that are easy to employ which can make social media work for you as well. These simple tips can get your business benefit from the tremendous power of social media.

1. Encourage Customer Interaction

This will work out tremendously for both you and your customers. You can encourage interaction in a variety of ways. You could use a contest in which customers post pictures of items they have made with your building materials. You could then receive the rights to use that picture on your social media. This could be done by retweeting on Twitter or having customers post to a photo album that you curate on your Facebook.

2. Use a Variety of Social Media

Don’t limit yourself to just one aspect of social media. There are plenty of programs that you can use such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Pinterest, Houzz and more. Different social media websites can hit a different variety of demographics, so experiment and see which gets you the best results.

3. Use it to Display Good Customer Service

Social media should be used to show how dedicated you are to your customers. Sometimes customers will post good experiences with your business without prompting. Other times people may post concerns about your business, but that is okay. Then, it needs to be used as an opportunity to make things right. People understand that everything does not always go according to plan. Being good at conflict resolution on social media can show your customers you are a trustworthy business.

4. Keep it Light and Humanize Your Company

Did you just have a cool office party? Did you hear a funny joke in the break-room? Feel free to post it on all your social media accounts. People love to know that there are human faces behind your company. If people learn to respect your company and the humans behind it, this can increase trust. This trust can lead to great brand loyalty and increased amounts of purchases.

5. Promote Building Project Ideas

Another good idea for your social media use is to give customers even more reasons to buy your products. One idea is to post a variety of building projects along with supply lists. It is unlikely that your customers will have all of the supplies.

You can also promote projects such as a new kitchen that are not a DIY project. Oftentimes, if a person gets information from you about an idea they use, they will have a sense of loyalty towards you and your company.

If you sell your products through big boxes, dealers or contractors, you are helping them to grow.

6. Update Your Customers

There are many reasons why you might need to update your customers. Perhaps there is a shortage of a product or another important piece of information you need to share. Have your customers in the loop; this way they will not get discouraged if they expect something different from what actually happens.

7. Network

Social media use can also give you the opportunity to network with other businesses. You can work together to benefit your company and theirs alike.

8. Social Media is a Commitment

Eventually your business will be part of the social media community, whether you like it or not. Smart companies are already engaged and setting themselves apart from their competitors.

If you are ready to start using social media to grow your business, you need to be committed. You need to assign a person who has the time and the desire. This should also be a person who is curious about the ever-changing world of social media and is not afraid to try different approaches. You also need to trust this person to be your online voice, without having to get your approval every time they want to make a post.

Contact me, if you’d like help in setting up a social media program for your company.

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