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SMART – 84 Lumber

84 Lumber is doing something smart, they are actually doing something about the labor shortage in construction. They aren’t simply offering some training and a job, they are getting at the…

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Is Construction Labor Shortage Ending?

The construction industry has officially found its way back on track, after years of a long recovery process following the recession. Construction was an industry that plummeted during the recession, as…

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Not Enough Labor for Homebuilding

The homebuilding industry is being slowed by a shortage of labor. Builders report they can sell more homes than they can build. The labor shortages are affecting builders as well…

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Put Human Resources to Work in Sales

Many of your building product customers need help with people. The people problems of contractors, dealers, builders and others are slowing down the sales of your products. You have an…

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Where Did All The Contractors Go?

In the recession many contractors left for jobs like truck driving. I don’t think they will return to construction even as their prospects improve. I’m not talking about the large…

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