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How to Pay Yourself First if You Work in Building Materials Most successful people have learned the value and importance of saving for the future. Too bad we can’t say the…

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Facebook Group for Building Materials Sales and Marketing

I have a created a group on Facebook for anyone interested in building materials sales and marketing. The purpose of the group is to share information, ask questions and build relationships….

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SMART – BWI Millwork

I’ve been waiting for a door manufacturer to do this for a long time.  The distributor, Bridgewater Wholesalers beat them to the punch.  They are showing their customers just how much they…

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A Critique of Siding Brands Online

At my last building materials workshop, I teamed up with two of the guest speakers to audit the online performance of each attendee. We had a lot of fun giving…

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Start Online Discussions About Your Building Products

The process of content marketing for building materials should fall under the same category as any other B2B business where information is king. Before buyers consider buying your building materials,…

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How Building Materials Manufacturers Can Benefit from a Blog

These days, businesses who don’t have a blog are missing a real opportunity to reach new audiences and grow their sales. Yes, this even goes for building materials manufacturers. There…

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