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SMART- LP SmartSide

LP has done something SMART.  They improved their marketing message.  The ad below is how they were promoting SmartSide just a few years ago.  There’s nothing here that would make…

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Every year companies make investments in their facilities, software for sales and operations, machinery, equipment and many other areas. They also invest in education and training. Engineers, plant managers, HR…

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Building Materials Ad Agency Account Managers

I grew up around the advertising business.  My father was either the advertising manager of a company, like Cooper Tires or he had his own successful agency. While I had…

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Can Your Marketing Department Sell Your Building Product?

If your marketing department is going to be spending tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, on marketing, shouldn’t they be able to actually sell your product? I…

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Costly Building Products Marketing Mistake

Many building materials companies waste marketing dollars by investing in Random Acts of Marketing. Marketing should start with an objective, like growing sales, followed by the most important part: the strategy….

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Mark Mitchell is Crazy

A friend who works for one of the larger building materials companies called me recently to share a story she thought I’d like to hear. She was in a meeting with…

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