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Why Contractors Resist Change

Building materials companies tend to focus on the customers who are immediately in front of them. It makes sense—if you interact with builders, architects, facilities managers and homeowners, that’s who…

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Why Building Materials Contractors Are So Important

For many building materials companies, contractors are the biggest hurdle to sales growth.  Contractors can also be the hardest customers to reach and are the most resistant to change. Contractors…

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Problems With Contractor Loyalty Programs

Contractor loyalty programs are starting to rear their ugly head again in building materials. They were a bad idea in the past, and they are a bad idea today. On…

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How to Sell Building Contractors

This is a transcription of my podcast.  As this is a transcript, you’ll have to deal with any grammar, typo or punctuation issues. It’s more like two friends having a…

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Increasing Sales to Contractors and Dealers

If you sell residential building materials through contractors or dealers, they are probably very important to your success.  If the dealer doesn’t carry and prefer your product, it won’t get…

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What Roofing Contractors Want From Building Materials Manufacturers

For building materials manufacturers in the roofing industry, understanding the needs of roofing contractors is critical. Contractors are the gatekeepers for many roofing projects. They can dictate which products are…

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