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Customer Service Failures In Building Materials

Outstanding customer service can make you bulletproof to competition and lower prices in the building materials industry.  Whenever I interview architects, builders or contractors they each can relate two kinds…

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Three Disruptions in Building Materials

I have noticed three changes in the building materials industry that may disrupt your business. The three changes are money from investors, innovative products from smart young people and European…

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How to Write Building Materials Copy

At car dealerships, the sales person pushes to get you to take a test drive. Why? Because it’s the best way for you to see yourself as the owner of…

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Your Customer Needs a Plan – Give Them One

If you have a dealer, contractor or distributor who is loyal and you want them to stay loyal, or if you have a customer you wish was more loyal, here’s…

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You Really Don’t Understand Your Building Material Customer’s Business

You’re probably clueless about your customer’s business. Whether it’s a contractor, builder or dealer, odds are you don’t really understand their business.  You probably have a narrow view of the…

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Who Makes Money in Building Materials?

Building product companies who understand who makes the most profit on the sale of their products make better decisions.  A value chain analysis gives you a global view of your…

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