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Building Materials 2018 Planning – 6 Keys to Success

I work with many building materials companies to help them grow their sales.  I consistently find that building materials companies make the following mistakes and miss opportunities as a result….

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Costly Building Products Marketing Mistake

Many building materials companies waste marketing dollars by investing in Random Acts of Marketing. Marketing should start with an objective, like growing sales, followed by the most important part: the strategy….

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Your 2017 Building Materials Marketing Budget

For most building materials companies, it’s that time of year when they start budgeting for next year. This is the one time of year when you can and should pause a…

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Reducing Costly Building Product Installation Errors

By and large, building material manufacturers consistently produce high-quality products that perform the way they should for consumers. But when a problem arises with a building product, it usually stems…

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10 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Print

It continues to amaze me how behind the times the building material industry is compared to the rest of the business world when it comes to adopting new marketing practices. …

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5 Rules for Building Material Marketing Budgets

Here are five ways you can build a budget that will truly make a difference. 1. Start with a blank sheet of paper Most companies take the easy way out…

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