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Building Material Ad Agency Directory

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Building Material Ad Agency Directory

Building material manufacturers frequently ask me to recommend advertising agencies with building material experience. I have compiled a list of agencies that I share with them.  I thought it might be helpful to publish my list.

I have also published a guide to selecting a building materials ad that you can download.


Building Materials Agency Selection Guide


Click Here to Download Our Agency Selection Guide »

The criteria for my list is very simple,

I only include agencies who have a focus on building materials.

My list is in no ways a complete list of all the agencies with building materials experience. These are just the agencies I know of and I welcome any suggested additions.

While there are many agencies who will wow you with their creativity, I recommend that a manufacturer look for an agency with building material experience.

Unless you are a major brand who’s focus is the consumer and has a budget that looks too large for these agencies, an agency who understands the business will do a much better job.

I find that larger agencies have to be educated about building materials.  Every time a member of your account or creative team leaves, you have to start all over again and educate them. A firm focused on building materials has a depth of knowledge, so there is no need to retrain new people.

At a larger agency, you will almost never get their A team.

Building material clients are not the type of client large agency employees aspire to work on.

If you feel you need a large consumer agency, I recommend you also consider a second agency who really understands the channel.

A building material ad agency knows how a house or building is built, so you won’t have to rewrite their copy. With an agency who understands how contractors, builders, architects, and dealers operate you won’t shake your head at their ideas.

With the ease of communication today, it’s also not important that the agency be local.

If you’d like some help to narrow down the list, please contact me. I am not compensated or paid a referral fee by any of these agencies so I can give you my unbiased opinion.

Building Material Ad Agency Directory

ad HOME – London, Ontario

An award-winning advertising & digital agency with over 15 years of experience building brands that drive successful businesses.

Arnold Ostrom  Minneapolis

When it comes to building products we know what we’re talking about.

Bolin Marketing – Minneapolis

A brand development and marketing agency with a long history of helping our clients grow their business through innovative marketing solutions

Brandner – Seattle

A full-service advertising and marketing agency, delivering strategic and creative results to the building products industry

Brunner – Pittsburgh & Atlanta

Business as usual is simply no longer an option. Welcome to an agency committed to working smarter to get faster results for our clients.

CBD Marketing  – Chicago

A full service agency offering meaningful integrated marketing communications to both the B2B and B2C sector

 C Squared – Seattle & Portland

We know social media like the back of our hands. Getting people talking is what we do best.

Cooper Smith  – Dallas

PR firm that provides public relations, publicity, social media, content marketing and product placement.

Damen Jackson – Chicago

A creative branding and design agency. We offer creative branding and design services that help take brands to the next level.

ER Marketing Drapper DNA  – Raleigh

A non-traditional marketing agency. Specialists in home, home building, and building products. Our vision is to Disrupt, Surprise, and Delight.

Eric Mower & Assoc – Syracuse and 8 Other Cities

EMA provides advertising, PR, public affairs, crisis communications, direct marketing, digital + interactive, market research and sales promotion to B2B and B2C.

Felt Design Group – Costa Mesa, CA

You make (or sell) building products. We make the tools to propel your brand into the stratosphere – so your message isn’t just seen and heard, it’s felt.

Function – Atlanta

A full-service PR & marketing agency, specializing in product launches & increasing product specification for the building products industry.

Gavin – Harrisburg

An award-winning, full-service advertising, marketing, and public relations agency that is devoted to truth in branding and driving action.

Griffin and Company – Arlington, VA

As a division of LMO, we thrive at providing creative communications … make Griffin & Co/ LMO part of your building industry team,

Gyro – NYC & 17 Other Cities

As the world’s first full-service global creative B2B powerhouse, our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant.

Heinzeroth – Rockford, IL

Advertising agency specializes in content marketing, media advertising, PR, packaging, merchandising, websites, mobile apps, literature, and video.

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates – Akron, OH

A full-service advertising agency, committed to being your company’s force for success

IMRE – NYC & 2 Other Offices

The transformative agency of today. We see the world through human connections, bring ideas, strategies, technologies and people together.

Interrupt – Toledo, OH

A strategic marketing consulting and advertising firm in the building materials industry.

Kleber & Associates – Atlanta

A building materials marketing and PR firm that focuses exclusively on building materials manufacturers and building products.

Larson Obrien – Pittsburgh

Strategy · Digital · Advertising · PR & Content · Growth Consulting · Media & Research · Work · Insights …Advertising Services

Lead Generation Experts  – Boulder & Austin

Content Marketing and SEO for the building materials industry

Miller Brooks – Indianapolis

A full-service agency that creates advertising, marketing, branding, PR and media for local, national and global clients.

Orange Inbound – NYC

An inbound marketing agency and Gold HubSpot Partner. We specialize in content marketing, social media, web design, and more for the building materials industry.


Point to Point

Purdie Rogers


Stoner Bunting


Venveo – Digital Marketing

Wagner Media

Walt Denny

White Good

Wray Ward

One way to evaluate an agency without alerting them to your interest and start being barraged by phone calls and emails, is to evaluate their website.  I came across an article by an agency consultant, Mike Palma, on how to tell if an agency is behind the times or not.

Here’s his list that I found very insightful:

Old style Agency Site:

  • Themeless — No connection of their positioning to any mission, purpose or specialty
  • Words — “About us”…riddled with clichés and pompous agency-speak
  • Pictures — Ads, head shots, office space, ping-pong tables, posers posing for “candid” photos
  • Case studies — “When Acme Corporation came to us, boy were they up shit’s creek. We saved the day with our trademarked processes, brilliant insights and (mediocre) creative, and here’s how…”
  • Bios — “Joe has won every imaginable award on the planet. He loves dogs and look how handsome he is.”
  • TV spots — usually the only moving thing on the site besides that unsettling download onto the landing page
  • CTA — “What are you waiting for? Fill out this generic form below”

New Style Agency Site:

  • Theme — The site makes an immediate statement and emotional connection to what the agency brand stands for
  • Video — The connection is made through a short agency video that connects the agency’s positioning with the core values of your targets. This is the first thing that comes up front & center on your landing page.
  • Infographics — The most effective way to explain who, you are, what you do and why you do it. “The agency in 60 seconds” is a better link to these than “About us”
  • Creative showcase — don’t “let the work speak for itself”
  • Case studies — 1 minute videos or infographic, beautifully designed
  • Bios — 30-second videos. A great creative opportunity
  • CTA — Again, a video. Close me; in a brilliantly unique & entertaining way.

What this signals to me is if they have an Old Style sight, they will probably bring that same type of thinking to how they communicate your messages.  It will probably be more about you and less about the customer and their needs.

You may not need a new agency, you may just have a problem and would like a solution. That’s when to call me.

Resources for Building Materials Manufacturers

Here is a list of additional sales and marketing resources for building materials manufacturers.

Market Research Firms

Farnsworth Group



Copywriting and Content Marketing

Tess Wittler

Cutaway Illustrations and Animations

Jason Yana – Visual Construction Marketing

Sales Consulting and Training

Sales Effectiveness Incorporated

Invictus Consulting

I am always looking for additional resources to share, if you know of any other resources for building materials manufacturers, please pass them along.

Thanks for the following comments.

“Your agency guide is a brilliant resource.”


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  • Jim


    • Jim

      I have wondered about Hanley Wood. On their website, they call themselves an agency. When I look at their case histories, I see projects that, while well done, are just projects. I do not believe they are the agency of record for any of these companies. I also doubt their ability to be objective. My assumption is that their recommendations will always involve one of their products. An agency should be objective. I have a hard time seeing them recommend a competitive media solution. If you feel I am wrong, please enlighten me.


    • Whizardly


      I have wondered about Hanley Wood. On their website, they call themselves an agency. When I look at their case histories, I see projects that, while well done, are just projects. I do not believe they are the agency of record for any of these companies. I also doubt their ability to be objective. My assumption is that their recommendations will always involve one of their products. An agency should be objective. I have a hard time seeing them recommend a competitive media solution. If you feel I am wrong, please enlighten me.


  • Hello Mark, great idea for a blog post. Please consider adding Bolin Marketing in Minneapolis to your agency list. I would be happy to have an off line conversation with you to show you why we belong. Thanks for your consideration.

    • Jack – You are correct. With your work for Wilsonart and Hearth & Home you should be in the directory. I am adding you. Thanks Mark

    • Whizardly

      Jack – Sorry I haven’t responded sooner but you are on my list

      • Jack Silverman

        You and I tried to connect at IBS if you recall but you were busy. Love to talk some time. Thanks.

        • Whizardly

          Let’s make it happen. Remodeling? Dwell on Design NY? Greenbuild?

  • taking help from such agencies will surely prove beneficial Mark, but we have to choose them carefully. One can get a lot of brand awareness through these and marketing becomes easy as people get to know your business more. But one cannot just rely on them as a whole.

  • Doug Davila

    Mark, thanks for the mention! CBD is a Chicago-based agency. Let us know if we can return the favor. Are you going to be at any upcoming shows? –Doug

    • Doug

      You’re welcome. I will be at MetalCon, GreenBuild and the Remodeling/DeckExpo shows in the next month. Let me know if you’re going to be at any of those shows and we can meet.


    • Whizardly


      Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I’m at a lot of the shows and would love to meet you

  • Hello Mark, I would like to offer BRUNNER as an addition to your list. We have been committed to this category for over 10 years and have experience with clients ranging from Outdoor Power Equipment to insulating foam and everything in between. I would be more than happy to have a further discussion offline to share some examples of our success. And of course, if there is anyway we at BRUNNER can support you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    • Whizardly


      I looked over your site and you do very nice work. I just didn’t feel that there was a focus on building materials, but I’d be happy to learn more.

      • Mark, did you look at our building products specific site, ? It’s a relatively new web property that we launched to better tell our story – I appreciate any feedback.

  • Mark – Dead on with C Squared – we have had great results with them. Also would add SWB&R – Not sure if they are just building materials; however, they have done amazing work in a number of building material categories (plumbing and hardware to name a few) and are very easy to work with and I highly recommend them. Thanks for the list – very useful resource.

    • Whizardly


      Thanks for you comments.