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3 Types of Marketing Videos Every Building Materials Company Should Have

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3 Types of Marketing Videos Every Building Materials Company Should Have

It’s no secret that online video is here to stay. For Building Materials brands, video can be an untapped resource to getting your product noticed and ultimately bought.

People who view videos about your product will understand your products 74% more than those whose only see pictures. On top of that, they are 64% more likely to buy your product after viewing a video. (source)

This begs the question, “What kinds of video should a building materials brand have?” I’m glad you asked …

This is a guest post from Zach Williams, Creative Director of Venveo a Buildings Materials online agency.

After working with multiple building materials companies, I’ve seen 3 types of video that consistently bring results:

Testimonial Videos for Building Materials

Written testimonials are good, but a video testimonial can really make your product sing. Having a customer who uses your product tell a compelling story about why they love it is one of the most effective ways to create credibility. Not to mention, if done correctly, it can pull on the heart strings of your target audience.

Take Wink, a new Home Automation system, for example. They created a system that helps to control all of the smart devices in your home.

Building Materials Videos

In 2 minutes I quickly and easily understand how Wink might be able to help me. I also see a success story from a fun couple who enjoys their product. Finally, what makes this video really smart is that it’s based around an interesting couple whose lives have been better by using their product. It makes me feel more connected to their brand. The couple is personable, endearing, and somewhat comical which makes me (the consumer) relate more to Wink.

Take a note from Wink. Their video has their own customers selling their product and demonstrating the brand’s values. Instantly they’re more than a product to me, they are someone I know, I trust and I can visualize using their product in my home.

How-To Videos for Building Materials

How-to videos are often the most popular online asset for building materials brands. How-to videos show users how-to use your product on an actual project. Contractors, dealers, DIYers, and the whole range of your audience can benefit from these assets. Just keep it short and simple to follow without leaving out important steps.

People are hesitant to change from a product they are familiar with. Don’t be afraid to compare yourself with the competition. Don’t just tell consumers your product is easier to use or better than what they’re used to, show them.

Take Malarkey Roofing for example. They sell high-end residential and commercial roofing products. They have a simple How-to video that showcases their product’s benefits and then they explain how to install their roofing.

Building Materials VideosWhat I really love about this video is that they have a contractor talk the viewer through how to install the roofing. Instead of having a sales rep conduct this video, they have their target audience (a contractor) talking to their talking audience (other contractors). Needless to say, this is going a long way in establishing credibility and helping Malarkey sell their product better.

If you look at their YouTube page, you’ll see that their installation videos are by far the most viewed videos they have. This just goes to show that How-to videos can be some of the most popular and wide reaching assets for your brand.

Product Demo Videos for Building Materials

Similar to How-to videos, Product Demo videos can be a great way to explain your product as quickly and concisely as possible. The difference between a product demo and a how-to video is that product demos focus on features and benefits whereas how-to videos highlight how to actually use the product.

Take Huber’s AdvanTech flooring product for example. They sell high-end floor panels that are marketed as more durable than other products. People aren’t typically prone to consider upgrading to a nicer floor panel, but this video does a great job of showing why they should.

Building Materials Videos

This video is brilliant. A bunch of guys in a warehouse have lined up all of the different floor panels on the market and jump on each of them to show what happens when you put too much pressure on them. All of them break except for AdvanTech. What else do you need to say?

It’s also important to note that the video isn’t shot with a high-end camera or a big production crew. Instead it is raw and candid which adds to the genuine feel of the video.

Building Materials brands often have complex products with multiple features, and they feel the need to put as much information about their products on a webpage as possible. The problem is that people don’t want to read online any more. Think about it, how often do you just skim through content?

If you can develop a concise and compelling Demo video, it can go a long way in making your brand memorable.


The potential for video to help you grow your business is incredible. There is no better medium at explaining your product than video, and the best part is that it can be shared and tracked across the web.

You don’t have to have a huge budget like Lowe’s or Kohler to increase your reach and credibility through video. We’ve had clients who have had over 100,000 views from a single video and they didn’t do anything but post it on their website and YouTube.

My belief is that there isn’t a good reason why a building materials brand shouldn’t have at least one of these types of online videos. They are excellent selling tools for your sales team, and they help almost every aspect of the customer purchase decision.

Thanks again to Zach Williams, Founder & Creative Director of Venveo a Buildings Materials online agency for some great advice about videos with some excellent examples.  If you’re looking to win more customers through your online efforts, I encourage you to reach contact Zach at

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